Featuring some of the best musical talent around, the Steve Maggiora Trio, or SM3, brings you both cover tunes and originals as you've never heard them before. With a knack for getting creative with time signatures, feel, vibe, and genre, these 3 dudes deliver a wide range of popular tunes spanning 5 decades, all jazzed up and funkified to suit your event's needs. Bring a towel, cause it's gonna get sweaty.

Steve Maggiora

A big fan of the Jurassic Park series, Steve doesn't really know what to do with himself when he's not playing music. An avid session musician and movie-goer, Steve's favorite cake is Tres Leches, favorite pie is rhubarb and his favorite candy bar is Kinder Bueno. He doesn't just have a sweet tooth tho, Steve also enjoys light salad with balsamic vinegar and is a big fan of light traffic.

Instagram: @stevethewreck


Having played everything from Classical to Chicago Blues and Hip Hop, Music is where Adrian finds his true self. A native Californian, as well as a lover of fine whiskey and the occasional cigar, Adrian's smokey, sexy, saxy tones are sure to get your rump shakin'.


Instagram: @ao1980


Jake hayden

When off tour or out of the studio, drummer Jake Hayden is a contemporary Indiana Jones, always seeking to discover the location of the finest cold brew coffee, the most precious artifact on earth.  He is also from Indiana.  A exercise enthusiast, the groove of his musical journey is stamped with the heel prints of weighted handled jump roping.  He jumps to triplets at 60 beats per minute.

Instagram: @jaykeepu






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