Featuring some of the best musical talent around, the Steve Maggiora Trio, or SM3, brings you both cover tunes and originals as you've never heard them before. With a knack for getting creative with time signatures, feel, vibe, and genre, these 3 dudes deliver a wide range of popular tunes spanning 5 decades, all jazzed up and funkified to suit your event's needs. Bring a towel, cause it's gonna get sweaty.

Steve Maggiora

A big fan of the Jurassic Park series, Steve doesn't really know what to do with himself when he's not playing music. An avid session musician and movie-goer, Steve's favorite cake is Tres Leches, favorite pie is rhubarb and his favorite candy bar is Kinder Bueno. He doesn't just have a sweet tooth tho, Steve also enjoys light salad with balsamic vinegar and is a big fan of light traffic.

Instagram: @stevethewreck

Additional Musicians:
Andrew Espantman - Drums
Frank Cotinola - Drums
Frank Reina - Drums
Josh Burns - Drums
Robert Jon Burrison - Drums
Todd Wolf - Drums
Blair Sinta - Drums
Henry James - Drums
Jarrett Borba - Drums
Mike Willson - Drums
Ryan Smith - Drums
Troy Roe - Drums


Having played everything from Classical to Chicago Blues and Hip Hop, Music is where Adrian finds his true self. A native Californian, as well as a lover of fine whiskey and the occasional cigar, Adrian's smokey, sexy, saxy tones are sure to get your rump shakin'.


Instagram: @ao1980

Henry James - Guitar
Sarven Manguiat - Guitar
Alexander David Potts - Guitar
Erik Hammer - Guitar
Justin Norman - Guitar
Eric Nelson - Guitar
Jimmy Hua - Guitar
Marcus Damian - Guitar
Matt Cheadle - Guitar
Morgan Mallory - Guitar
Phil Gough - Guitar
Ramon Velarde - Guitar


Jake hayden

When off tour or out of the studio, drummer Jake Hayden is a contemporary Indiana Jones, always seeking to discover the location of the finest cold brew coffee, the most precious artifact on earth.  He is also from Indiana.  A exercise enthusiast, the groove of his musical journey is stamped with the heel prints of weighted handled jump roping.  He jumps to triplets at 60 beats per minute.

Instagram: @jaykeepu

Adrian Olmos - Saxophone
Scott Doyle - Keys
Eric Gabriel - Keys
Coco Hu - Cello
Michael Cartwright - Trumpet
Warren Murrel - Bass
Corey Cofield - Bass
Mark Jones - Bass
Dave Pelusi - Bass
Ryan Kalama - Bass

Musicians vary depending on availability, but our plug-and-play formula has been proven to work - completing over 370 shows in 2018 alone. We also have different versions of the project to better suite your needs. SM2 (Steve Maggiora Duo) consists of Steve on Keys and a Drummer. SM4 (Steve Maggiora Quartet) consists of Steve, a drummer, guitar player and either bass/horn/keys player. SM5 is the quartet with an added bass player, and we can provide up to a 7-piece band with horns and background singers if that is your preference. We are confident that whatever the event is, we can help bring it to life like no other! Check out the videos and audio below!






For all inquiries, simply email Steve at contact@stevemaggiora.com.